Chay Yew Directs "ROZ AND RAY" at Victory Gardens Theater

November 20, 2016

Chay Yew joined Victory Gardens Theater since 2011 and is its first new Artistic Director in 34 years. Chay remains committed to the development, production and support of new plays that has been the mission of the theater since its founding. Chay discusses their current production, ROZ AND RAY, written by Karen Hartman and directed by Chay. ROZ AND RAY runs until December 11th. Tickets and more information can be found here.

As Artistic Director of Victory Gardens, one of Chicago's major theatre companies, what's your creative vision for 2017? I endeavor to keep finding and giving platform to diverse artists and plays that celebrate an inclusive Chicago and country. Our plays in Victory Gardens aspires to represent and reflect the experiences of every Chicagoan.

What inspired you to add "Roz and Ray" to Victory Garden's season and direct it? Playwright Karen Hartman has been a long time collaborator and friend. I have long loved her plays filled with theatricality, language and her singular point of view. When she approached me with her new play, I knew I had to be involved. Despite the events in the play set two decades ago, the story remains extremely relevant and timely. ROZ AND RAY speaks to our indomitable human spirit of resilience, survival and hope in the face of uncertainties. I am always incredibly moved when I am in the presence of this play. 

In what ways can Chicago's theatre community include more Asian American voices? We need to produce more Asian American plays, and Asian American playwrights, and collaborate with more Asian American theatre artists in Chicago theatres. Our community needs to experience more of these stories which are still far too invisible and all too silent in our American narrative.

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Mia Park
Mia Park shares her passion of discovery through teaching yoga and acting. Currently studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Mia is also a producer, writer, motivator, and celebrator of life. Mia has lived in Chicago for over twenty years and calls this city that works her home.

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