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April 5, 2017

Chicago actress Aja Wiltshire stars in the play, "Hookman" by Lauren Yee at Steep Theatre from April 15 - May 27, 2017. About "Hookman":  Her mother warned her about the treacherous hook-handed man hiding in the back seat, but only after a tragic accident could Lexi see the real threat of the hookman. The bitingly funny, edge-of-your-seat scary Hookman is a lethally sharp slasher comedy about grief, adolescence, and the power of the stories we tell each other and ourselves. Read about Aja below and see here for more information about "Hookman".

What's your personal story? 
I'm a hapa girl from Texas (Filipino, Japanese, Spanish + white), I've been in Chicago for almost 7 years. 

What's your character's story in "Hookman”?
Yoonji is a Korean American freshman in college that's the roommate of the main character, Lexi. Yoonji comes from a well-to-do family, is a social butterfly, but has to deal with some problems of her own. 

What challenges and successes does your character face and how does she overcome them? 
The main challenge we've been talking about in the room is that Yoonji doesn't know how to relate to Lexi because the two are so vastly different. That part of being in college and kind of forced to be friends with (or at least nice to) people that you wouldn't ordinarily be around if not for the special circumstance of being college roommates. 

What are your personal challenges and successes playing this role? 
Yoonji is tough because she's not quite telling her own story. She's a vehicle to help tell Lexi's story, so navigating how to be a magnifying glass to Lexi's struggle, and differently than the other characters, is a journey I'm still on. 

Any other comments?
This play is funny and dark and heartbreaking and honest. Come check it out! 

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